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My Story

Secret 1 - Takes Money to make money

Secret 2 - The path is known, stay on the Path

Secret 3 - Solo Ads

Bonus Secret - Facebook

These are the secrets I promised and a couple of videos for you to watch.  Then if you are still interested, you can apply to join me.    

My Story (Optional)

Secret 1 - Takes Money to Make Money

Just to put you in the proper state of mind.

My friend was offered the state of Florida from the McDonalds people before the name was out of California. 

In my personal history is a franchise offer from the same company, the Fee $1M.


Yes, there are eCommerce Business you can start for little or no money and I wish you well, but this one is not Free. 

You must have disposable income to invest in your own personal health, skin care and your eCommerce Business.

Later we can talk about the details, but be aware the design of this business requires an investment of your time as well. 


Any claims by anyone to the contrary, especially by anyone on the Internet, including me, who says something is Free...


It Takes Money to Make Money 


Secret 2 - The path is known, stay on the Path

I have yet to talk to anyone on the Internet who preaches to do exactly what she or he did to achieve success.  

Not one!  

There are many coaches and leaders and success stories. 

Many of those say 'I know the path.'  

We can say with confidence some of them including me are doing the right thing, following a path to success. 


My goal here is to pass on a well known and duplicatable path.  

You presence here indicates it works! 

More important for you, Stay on the path!  

Secret 3 - Solo Ads

The business I am going to show you has a long and successful history.

Direct Mail was once the King of all Advertising - Followed by The Yellow Pages

There is a new King but no one want to say its name.

Solo Ads!

Repeating, Your presence here indicates it works.

The path I will show you is based on a Solo Ads and a Funnel, which you can be suing in the next 3 hours.  It works and will continue to work for a while at least.  


There is a cost to solos ads and they are scalable.  (More on that later) 

Bonus Secret - Facebook

I am pleased to be able to present a second economical, 'organic,' successfully used by Aunty Sally in less than a year to surpass 700K sales per month.

My mentor Winston teaches the method to his downline and mine and it is available online as well on my Passive Income YouTube Channel.

This bonus secret is making earners in a wide variety of eCommerce Business and we have a proven path to make it work for you.  

The time required is approximately 3 hours per day 5 days per week.  

People charge $2K or more to teach this method when you join us as an Ambassador it will be made available to you. 


No Additional Cost.  (Notice I did not say 'Free')   

Passive Income (Optional)